What is Jokari

Hit the ball attached to an elastic cord and a block. It Returns.

How to Play

Learn the rules, how to score, and how to serve.

Improve Focus

Our custom made racquet size increases eye focus in other sports

Jokari Captured

See people playing Jokari off all ages and sizes

full jokari set

Jokari Full Set

All you need for a game of Jokari
Custom made durable racquets
Our racquets improve focus in other sports


Jokari Replacement Parts

Jokari Set Parts

Strong elastic cords and long lasting rubber ball
Game plays better with new unworn parts
Having extra parts on hand keeps Jokari going on


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Share Your Story

Send us your experience using Jokari.ca products and playing Jokari. We will share with others on our site and you can share with the world.


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